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Category Digital Learning & EdTech

powered by Cornelsen

Last week we presented to you our partner for the category Digital Supply Chain at our Innovators‘ Pitch 2019. This week we are looking forward to tell you more about the partner for the category Digital Learning & EdTech: Cornelsen! You can apply for this category until March 3rd 2019.

Digital LearningDigital Learning & EdTech

From educational videos, learning apps and serious games to coding lessons and virtual and augmented reality: New technologies have already had a huge impact on learning.

They enable time- and location-independent learning, facilitate individual and networked learning, and improve quality in the educational system as a whole. Not only do they shape how and what we teach and learn, they also make education more accessible for everyone, regardless of age and background. New technologies are changing our schools, universities and vocational colleges, and increasing the possibilities for informal learning and on-the-job training in workplaces.

As current innovations such as artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain are dramatically transforming many facets of our lives today, it is exciting to imagine the new opportunities such technologies will have on the world of learning in the future.


Education thrives when the thirst for knowledge, a passion for learning and the discovery of one’s talents come together. Inspiring teachers, encouraging pupils, helping people unlock their potential – that’s what we do at Cornelsen.

Cornelsen is one of the leading providers of educational media in German-speaking countries, with over 1300 employees working at our head office in Berlin and seven other locations in Germany. We have been decisively shaping the educational landscape for more than 70 years, combining didactic competence, close cooperation with our clients and service orientation with a hunger for innovation.

The world we live in is changing constantly. As a company that embraces technology, Cornelsen strives to fully realise the potential of digital development with innovative new products and business models.



Early stage startups in this field get the chance to present their innovative solutions at to our high-level jury. And we are glad to have Cornelsen as partner for this category.