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Category Digital Mobility

powered by Siemens Mobility

Application period is already over, but WOW! – we are still thrilled that we got so many applications! This is a good moment to present to you our third partner for this year’s Innovators‘ Pitch: Siemens Mobility for the castegory digital mobility! Three finalists will pitch their startup on the 10th of April at in the category Digital Mobility.

Digital MobilityDigital Mobility

Digital mobility is not only about creating a personalized digital passenger experience with location-based services, digital self-services as ticketing, self-check-in, personalized travel information, indoor-navigation and onboard entertainment. It is also about digital innovations optimizing the operation of public transport, e.g. improving maintenance of the fleet by predictive maintenance, optimizing the passenger flow in stations, smart luggage management or providing the best suitable multimodal connection.

Digital mobility makes travel more comfortable, more sustainable and more customer-friendly whilst reducing cost of ownership for the operator of public transportation systems.

Siemens Mobility

The constantly increasing need for mobility requires more efficient transport concepts. Thanks to many years of transport expertise and IT know-how, Siemens Mobility is constantly developing new, intelligent mobility solutions that increase the availability of infrastructures, optimise route utilisation and create a new quality of travel. By electrifying, automating and digitizing infrastructures, Siemens Mobility is already setting standards today for the mobility of tomorrow.

Early stage startups in this field get the chance to present their innovative solutions at to our high-level jury. And we are glad to have Siemens Mobility as partner for this category.